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Helping Tenants and Property Owners Stay Connected

Tenant's Login Portal
Owner's Login Portal
Tenant's Login Portal

The Tenant Portal provides you real-time access to information about your lease via the internet. From the Tenant Portal, you can:

  • Review and edit contact information.
  • Create and manage services requests.
  • View your rental details.
  • Make Rental Payments.
  • Give notice.
  • Communicate with the property management team.
  • Review documents shared by the owner or Property Management Company.

Owner's Login Portal

Matthew Carlton Properties, Inc’s owner portal affords your owners real-time access to the following:

  • Owner Statements: These are professionally designed and branded statements that display the general profitability of the owner’s portfolio.
  • View a History of All Draws and Contributions: With our ePayments module, owners can sign up for electronic owner draws and contributions.
  • Reports: Standard reports or customized reports are available to owners online. These published reports grant owners real-time access to their portfolio data.
  • Bills: Owners can have access to all the bills and bill payments for the expenses recorded against their portfolio. They can view scanned copies of vendor invoices, attached to the bill, and share with owners in the owner portal.
  • Work Orders: Give owners instant visibility into all the work orders created for their properties. Allow owners to view the details of all work orders attached to the properties in their portfolio.
  • Documents: Any type of document can be shared with owners online. Documents are simply uploaded to the Notes and Documents section of the Portfolio or the Management module.